Grizzled Skipper talk with the NBAG

2nd November, 2016

Due to the amount of interest we got regarding the grizzles skipper project we decided it would be a good idea to allow the leader of the Nottinghamshire Biodiversity Action Group (NBAG), Chris Jackson, to tell us more about the project and why it is so important. So on wednesday we all took our places in the lecture room eager to learn more about the scheme.

The talk consisted of such information as why the grizzled skipper is so important, how the work is conducted around Nottingham, where the work is conducted and how long the long the work has been going on for. The students were eager to learn how their hard work paid off for the species and the session gave them the perfect opportunity to pitch in with questions and expand their knowledge. It also gave them a great opportunity to find out more about the group, the other projects they are involved with and how they can get involved with the group. Overall, the talk was a huge success with many of the students wishing to take part in the further grizzled skipper events throughout the year.



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