Langford Lowfield Birding!

25th January, 2017

So ConSoc have recently come up with the great idea of loading a group of us keen birders into the minivan for some ‘spontaneous’  birdwatching. This week we decided to head to Langford Lowfields, Nottinghamshire, an RSPB nature reserve and a working quarry on the River Trent, which is currently being restored into the biggest reedbed in the East Midlands.

On arrival, we headed straight to the reed beds. Passing the first few ponds, we found black headed gull, mute swan, some common species of duck and a pair of roe deer! Continuing along the path, some pretty passerines caught our eye; yellowhammer, great tit, blue tit, long-tailed tit and goldfinch amongst them.


When we got to the large pond we where struck by the much larger density and variety of waterfowl including golden eye, teal and tufted duck, moorhen and coot. We carried on around the lake and over a very wobbly bridge before spotting a stonechat!


A little ways along the board walk we came across some excited birders… just a few meters away were five bearded tit! A kestrel then joined us, hovering above us. Amazing views!


Bearded tit! – S.Taylor








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