Litter Pick at Brackenhurst

18th March, 2017
A recent estate walk with a couple of new NTU international exchange students highlighted (with embarrassment) the amount of litter on the verges of the A612, the main road that runs through our campus and estate. With this in mind it was decided that the time had arrived for Conseco’s first litter pick, not the most glamorous of tasks, but probably one of the more necessary, as these verges were once locally designated as sites of biological interest or SBI, a designation of which was recently removed. Some roadside verges in the UK have been given SSSI status, Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

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19th October, 2016

Coppicing is a traditional method of woodland management where trees are cut low to just above the ground level. This technique opens up the tree canopy in the woodland area coppiced, which allows light to reach wildflowers the following spring. The ConSoc team manage part of the woodland by Sheepwalks pond on Brackenhurst Estate, which is populated by Willow spp, by using this traditional method.

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Bird box building

26th October, 2016

This event started swiftly at 1pm with us meeting at the workshops all fired up and ready to be productive and build some bird boxes. On arrival, the task seemed that it was going to be more difficult than first imagined due to there only being 3 saws, 1 hammer and 1 drill between the 8 of us. However, the show must go on, so we got to work building.

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Hedgehog Surveying at Brack

28th September, 2016

During a cold evening in late September, a group of shivering (from excitement of course! …and a little from the cold) ConSoc members made their way down to the Brackenhurst campus carpark to meet up with Dr Richard Yarnell, a lecturer at the University and a hedgehog intellect, to hear about hedgehog surveying…

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